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Creating a cultural sanctuary in Red Hook, by Micah B. Rubin

The Pioneer Works Center for Arts and Innovation strives to build a thriving, inclusive community. Through classes, artist residency, workshops, lectures, exhibitions and other initiatives, Pioneer Works has created an incubator for creative exploration in the heart of Red Hook. … Continue reading

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Van Gogh ear found in Red Hook, by Hobbert Ruse

Many things in Red Hook have surfaced since the flooding that accompanied Hurricane Sandy. One of the most unexpected was Van Gogh’s ear. This news has been withheld pending verification, but recent DNA testing has confirmed that a piece of … Continue reading

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A Stand Up Performance, by Kimberly Gail Price

Anybody up for a good penis joke? In a fast paced play, Marc Spitz’s Up For Anything creates up the scenario in the opening moments to set up two hours of back to back zingers aimed at Walter Dabney, a … Continue reading

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Theater Review: Heights Players production shines, by Kimberly Gail Price

“A Delicious Soufflé of Satire” NY Times “All of us, the creative people, tearing about trying to feed a nations insatiable appetite for entertainment. Making truckloads of money we never see so we can discover something new and vivid to … Continue reading

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Cora Dance’s Red Hook Live, by Kimberly Gail Price

Cora Dance is staging a showcase of varietal talent Red Hook has to offer on Saturday, January 25. The performances encompass a vast array of performance art, all from local talent. Shannon Hummel created Red Hook LIVE to intersect people … Continue reading

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Kukla and Ambrose talk color and art at Kentler by Jherelle Benn

Art is the creative outlet in which humans are able to express themselves, release frustrations, and communicate emotion in a productive and truly unique fashion. Art is not only meant to be acknowledged, shared and experienced, but also preserved and … Continue reading

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Director Julie Taymor honored at Brooklyn Museum, by Kimberly Gail Price

Award winning theater, opera and film director, Julie Taymor was honored on June 13 at the 2013 Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist First awards at the Brooklyn Museum. Museum Trustee, Elizabeth A. Sackler hosted the event. The evening included … Continue reading

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