The Red Hook Star-Revue

The Red Hook Star-Revue was started in June, 2010. We are a local paper for the Red Hook/Carroll Gardens/Columbia Waterfront District/Gowanus neighborhoods – some of the most interesting in Brooklyn. We publish twice a month and are distributed in these communities for free at most supermarkets, and various other locations including Baked on Van Brunt Street and Court Street Grocers at 485 Court Street.

We welcome your comments – this is YOUR newspaper!

George Fiala and Kimberly Gail Price, publishers


4 Responses to The Red Hook Star-Revue

  1. Mary Howard says:

    Can anyone advise on how to stop the JC TRIANGLE corp on Van Dyke street (between Dwight and Richards Streets) from burning tar constantly.
    The smell is horrendous and nauseating, goes for blocks and permeates our homes.

  2. Stephen kondaks says:

    There is not enough discussion about a sea wall in Red Hook.
    We need protection for both residences and businesses from a future Sandy or worse event. Any piece-meal solution other than complete protection from storm surge & CSO backflow is in-effective and dangerous. Flooding, as we all know, will cause health problems, electricity black-outs, food distribution problems, Brooklyn / Battery tunnel flooding, loss of income and damage to the economy.
    Our elderly, our children, our friends and neighbors, ourselves: we all rely on having safe and secure shelter, first and foremost.
    We need those claiming and wanting to ‘represent us’, those many entities out there angling for power and position (SRA, candidates, community reps, CAG members, ….), and every one who went thru last fall’s storm and aftermath, to step up and work on protecting and securing where we live and work.
    Anything less is a sham and a shame.
    Hats’ off to those working for protective measures: let’s join in. It is up to us to make our neighborhood safe.

  3. Red Hook Resident says:

    Neighbors on Van Dyke Street are especially hit with the noxious and choking fumes coming from a somewhat recently established roofing company, Triangle LLC. One neighbor lives right next door and has tried to reason with Triangle, get them to use filters, etc., but to no avail. Folks on Van Dyke and neighboring streets often have to keep all windows closed in order to not be overwhelmed with fumes. CB 6, 311 calls, etc., have had no results. More effective and collective action is needed. This has been not only a serious quality of life issue for these folks but a real health and environmental concern as well. The EPA flagged this location post-Sandy as allowing their tar run-off to seep into sewers and the waterway. Yet no action has been taken.

    • Wndercheese says:

      I also live right next to Triangle LLC. Its REALLY BAD. They have been cited by the EPA, but they just pay the fine and keep doing it.

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