Why Advertise?

When you give us good money to advertise your business in our newspaper,
you are paying us to get your message in front of potential customers. We cannot
guarantee that you will notice an immediate stream of new customers to
your door, but we CAN promise the following:
1 – EYEBALLS We circulate a minimum of 12,000 each month. Most months we print 12,000 issues, some months we print more, for example when we give our papers away at public events such as Red Hook Fest and the Atlantic Antic. Our papers are available throughout the month at Fairway, Met Foods on Smith Street, Met Foods on Henry Street, Pathmark, and more than 100 other locations throughout the South Brooklyn area, including Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Dumbo and Gowanus, including convenience stores, cafes and hotels.
2- CREDIBILITY – In the past year since our founding, the Red Hook Star-Revue has garnered a reputation for professional local coverage of news and culture. Our stories are written by top notch professionals, and presented in a lively and colorful way. In addition to news, the Star-Revue is eagerly picked up by residents and tourists looking to see what to do and where to eat in our area. In addition to a restaurant and event guide, we regularly review restaurants, art and music venues and in our special sections we feature schools, clothing stores, gourmet shops and more.
 3- COLOR – your ad appears in full color at no additional charge.
4 – CUSTOMER SERVICE – You are guaranteed a local sales rep who will keep you informed on our special deals and coverage as well as help you plan an ad campaign that will be helpful to your business and effective.


101 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY                                                                                                  (718) 624-5568                                                                                                     Advertising@redhookstar.com                                                                                         http://www.RedHookStar.com


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