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Emergency Meeting called in Red Hook, by George Fiala

People in Red Hook are slowly to understand that the closing of Long Island College Hospital is a disaster for Red Hook. A tragic combination of news about a death that followed a half hour or more wait for an ambulance, plus … Continue reading

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Kimberly’s words on Sandy, One Year On

Fifty two Mondays of braving another week of survival and progress. Three hundred sixty-five pull-your-hair-out, fingernails-on-a-chalkboard days of frustration, obstacles and heartache. This ride through the heart of hell lingers on. So much healing remains undone. In lower Manhattan, shadows … Continue reading

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Images from LICH

SUNY Downstate is trying everything they can think of to close LICH by Thursday’s court date. Their main tactic now is to rid LICH of patients. For a month now, they haven’t been admitting new patients, and they have transferred … Continue reading

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Josh Parker lectures on Red Hook’s past fires by Kimberly Gail Price

The Smoke of the Flames could be noted from Lower Manhattan “The destructive force of a fire leaves a permanent trail of information. By using the archival information from various fires that occurred over the past two centuries, the development … Continue reading

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LICH Unraveling Continues, by Kimberly Gail Price

Doctors’ contracts are set to expire at the end of this month, hospital staff’s WARN notices are still pending, and now SUNY DMC is pulling the plug on LICH’s residency program – or as one doctor called it, the “backbone” … Continue reading

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