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THE STROMBERG REPORT, by Kimberly Gail Price

Another part of the LICH Saga, sidebar to our recent story.  In October 2010, Cliff Stromberg was commissioned by Chancellor, Nancy Zimpher to evaluate the Research Foundation of four Health Science Centers in the SUNY system. Cliff Stromberg works for … Continue reading

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Meet “Skip” Williams – hospital hitman, by Kimberly Gail Price

“This community has been lied to,” said Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio. “At the same time [that] SUNY and the Governor promised everything possible was being done to save LICH, they were preparing to sell it off to the highest bidder.” … Continue reading

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De Blasio announces newest and greatest SUNY/LICH court order yet, by George Fiala

A bit after one pm, on the 6th of September, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio stepped up to the makeshift podium across from Long Island College Hospital and greeted his LICH supporters. The group, made up of employees, former patients, … Continue reading

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A legal and moral responsibility, by Hon. Carolyn Demarest

At an lAS Supreme Coheld in and fCourthouse, New York, 2013. Tenn, Part Comm-1 of the urt of the State of New York, or the County of Kings, at the at Civic Center, Brooklyn, on the 20th day of August, … Continue reading

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“A Legal and Moral Responsibility” to set LICH right, by George Fiala

August 20 – In a completely unexpected court ruling, the Judge who originally gave Long Island College Hospital to SUNY Downstate, today took it back. State Supreme Court Judge Carolyn DeMarest, appointed by governor Mario Cuomo in 1990, signed an … Continue reading

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The Beginnings of Normalcy at LICH? by George Fiala

Just back from my daily walk to LICH. I first went to the ER, where a friendly guard, sitting inside at the entranceway, smiled nicely as I walked in. There was absolutely nobody in the waiting room, at least as … Continue reading

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SUNY Remains Defiant, by George Fiala

Friday evening, representatives from the nurse’s union seemed somewhat hopeful that Judge Baynes’ order regarding LICH would be taken a bit more seriously than his previous rulings. Staff was in a good mood, but wary. It seems the wariness was … Continue reading

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