Help a Red Hook family in need – UPDATED

There was a Red Hook family in need last week – the community responded! Just below is an update from the Justice Center…


On Friday, Ms. Quinones was able to get the keys for her new apartment – a three bedroom on Lorraine Street in Red Hook West.  Ms. Smith and Mr. Laval and the NYCHA team worked very hard to get the apartment ready – tiles, plastering, painting, etc. in an incredibly short time to make this possible.

Felix Ortiz accompanied Ms. Quinones to Fairway where she was able to stock her kitchen – thanks to the generosity of Fairway and Mr. Ortiz.

Roberto and I delivered all the items gathered by the Red Hook Justice Center, Women in Touch and family and friends – we delivered approximately 15 bags of items – clothes, bedding, towels, dishes, etc. to her this morning.   I was also able to hand her an envelope with a cash donation.

She was extremely touched.  Roberto was able to take some pictures of the new apartment, attached below.

I am thrilled to report that she has mattresses for her and the kids, a livingroom sofa, a working television and most of the necessities.

Special thanks to the Red Hook Responders, Toni, Roberto, Demetri, Ms. Smith, and Mr. Laval.

This was an excellent example of people coming together for a great purpose.



Here was the original story:

Judge Alex Calabrese called the Star-Revue this afternoon to ask the community a favor.

Judge Calabrese has been presiding over cases at the Red Hook Justice Center for over a decade. He is beloved by many in the community.

He is concerned about Ms. Idalia Quinones and her four sons who were burned out of their apartment the other day in the early morning fire on Bush Street. Their apartment is 4D. It was from the apartment above them that people jumped, however their department is destroyed as you can see from the photo below.

The burnt-out kitchen. The other pictures we got were unrecognizable, there was so much burned up.

The burnt-out kitchen. The other pictures we got were unrecognizable, there was so much burned up.

NYCHA has put them into a new apartment, but they have no clothing, no furniture – in other words, they are starting from scratch. In coordination with Judge Calabrese, the Star-Revue is accepting all sorts of donations, including food, clothing and furniture, as well as cash gifts.

All donations will be given to Lillie Marshall, president of Red Hook West Tenants, who will make sure that everything is given to the Quinones family.

If you have something to donate, send me an email –, and I will arrange to pick it up.

Let us show that our neighborhood is always there for those in need.

George Fiala and Kimberly G. Price,
Red Hook Star-Revue

PS – Here is part of what the Justice Center told us:

“Visitation Church allowed her to go through clothing and food supply – she was able to find a few items for kids, nothing for herself.  Food items are cans that she has no way of heating up/cooking

“NYCHA RHW – MS Smith, manager has found her an apt that she can stay in temporarily until another apt becomes available next week for her to move into.

 19 year old is interning at RH Initiative

 9 year old and 15 year old are in local RH schools, currently taking the ELA state-wide exams.

9 year old wears boys size 10/12

15 year old wears 40 inch waist pants & XXL shirts

16 year old wears 32 inch waist pants & Med shirts

19 year old wears 28 inch waist pants & XXL shirts

Mom is size 9/10, L shirts

 Although it is great that family will be given an apt today (which is a huge step forward from the status this morning), they do not have any basic items – sheets, blankets, pillows, pot, pans, dishes, food, toiletry items, etc.

 Various staff in the courthouse are actively trying to work with outside agencies to see what support can be offered.”


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