SUNY Remains Defiant, by George Fiala

Friday evening, representatives from the nurse’s union seemed somewhat hopeful that Judge Baynes’ order regarding LICH would be taken a bit more seriously than his previous rulings. Staff was in a good mood, but wary. It seems the wariness was fully justified.

As of this writing, SUNY doesn’t seem to be abiding by the direct court order at all. This despite media reports in the Daily News and CBS radio, among other mainstream sources reporting on the ruling.

I went there Saturday to see if  the security guards were gone, as ordered, and not only were they all still there, I myself was barred entry, even to have a cup of coffee in the coffee shop, as I was recognized as a member of the press.

Today I drove by and saw not only the guards nicknamed the  ‘men in black,’  but Command Security guards as well.

The Star-Revue has received information from a LICH worker as follows:

“Things here are the same as Friday. People are still out on administrative leave….SUNY still doing what they want.

They transferred patients to other hospitals this weekend, instead of admitting them. Some testing areas are closed.”

Bill de Blasio’s office told us that they are aware of the situation and are looking into it.

We heard back from SUNY Downstate. Their statement, coming from spokesperson, and former SUNY Trustee Robert Bellafiore, is as follows:

“We will comply with the Court’s order to maintain the status quo as of July 19th, 4 pm as we continue to work toward a settlement to resolve all the issues. As always, patient health and safety will remain our most important concern. SUNY is committed to the critical work of preserving Brooklyn’s only medical school and moving forward with UHB restructuring, as outlined in the sustainability plan.”

UPDATE: Heard Monday evening that there is some movement at LICH. Some people are returning to work tomorrow, ICU is open, and other departments are getting ready to reopen. Four patients were admitted to the hospital from the ER over the past weekend, despite Michael Lucchesi’s best efforts to discourage that.

TUESDAY MORNING UPDATE: Found out that there is as of yet no ombudsman appointed. Only other piece of news I could get is that the Judge is very busy with this case. No word on when the ombudsman, who is to deal with enforcement questions as they come up, will begin.

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5 Responses to SUNY Remains Defiant, by George Fiala

  1. sweeti says:

    they have no intention of resuming any services at lich. they plainly state their only interest is downstates medical school & their hospital thats across the street from kings county hosp & kingsbrook. theyre still hell bent on closing the only hosp on this side of brooklyn

  2. joecolombo12 says:

    SUNY not only dragging their feet they are at a standstill. It seeme there is no intention to abide by any order. There was no monitor around either.

  3. j says:

    For the record, ICU was never closed. It has had a patient or two all along the way, though many times was empty but always fully staffed. Nurses throughout the hospital were rotating in & out of administrative leave so that it wasn’t always the same people working everyday as skeletal staff. NYSNA got the administrative leave lifted last week before the court order & nurses were already scheduled to all return to work starting last Sunday. This was arranged several days before the court order.

  4. eve l says:

    Interesting Update that no ombudsman is appointed yet. Even the judge is stalling on having to take action & punish these people for destroying the hospital. So does anybody really believe that Downstate officials will suddenly comply this newest order from the court? SUNY made a cricus & joke of the court & this entire community

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