Miccio Center to remain open

Good news re Miccio Center! The city budget was completed last night and we just got this from local Councilmember Sara Gonzalez:

“Ten days ago, as we were readying our final budget, NYCHA dropped the bombshell announcement that due to sequestration, they faced a $203 million shortfall in their budget. Their stated position at that time was that they would be forced to close community centers and senior centers in their portfolio. During a full day of hearings, briefings and individual negotiations I conducted with senior NYCHA officials, I doggedly presented the case that Red Hook suffered devastating damage due to Hurricane Sandy and that the Miccio Center served as the central point for distribution, community meetings, gatherings and celebrations. I pointed out that no other suitable location would adequately serve the many needs of the community, particularly during this period of restoration. Eventually, I received assurances that the Miccio Center would not close. As Budget Negotiator for Brooklyn, I was proud to have fought for these funds on behalf of my constituents and I am pleased to report to the readers of the Red Hook Star-Revue that this vital community resource will continue to serve all the groups and individuals who have come to rely on the facility,” stated Councilwoman Sara M. González.

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