Lou Sones speaks at Reg Flowers’ Gowanus meeting last week

Lou reading a statement from GAGS (Groups Against Garbage Sites). This was a meeting in which the EPA was invited to witness in person the Red Hook community’s position on placing detoxified sludge from the Gowanus Canal onto the shore of the Gowanus Bay Terminal, owned by John Quadrozzi, giving his company 450,000 square feet of new land. This land, which would consist of the toxic sludge encased in concrete blocks, would be his to use as he sees fit. The EPA would pay for providing his company with usable bulkheads and land to build additions to his cement business, and allow him to branch out into cargo handling and waste facilities (all projects that at one time or another he has suggested).

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One Response to Lou Sones speaks at Reg Flowers’ Gowanus meeting last week

  1. gowanus100 says:

    With all due respect, this member of CB6, Mr Sones, has repeatedly voted approval for residential housing on top of Gowanus land that is far, far more toxic then the proposed CDF; land that will remain far, far more toxic even after the oh-so-trusty developer “cleans up” the land. If Mr Sones is so concerned about health effects in his community living some distance from the CDF, how can he justify people living directly over toxic land that will never have the level of protection and over site that goes with the nontoxic CDF? Just compare the cleanup of the Whole Foods site to the CDF, where a few feet of gravel cap was put in place to contain the toxin in the earth. Safe?

    So please Mr Sones, if you truly care about this health issue, please join those trying to safeguard the health in Gowanus. Please withdraw your past vote of support for residential development on Gowanus sites where safeguards form toxic materials can’t be achieved to levels in a CDF. Be on the right side of protecting human health, even when it isn’t directly in your neighborhood.

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